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Feels like I don’t belong here

The next morning

Sian woke up before Sophie that morning and all she could think about was how her life was so much better ever since she met the brunette. She looked down and noticed how beautiful her new girlfriend looked when she was sleeping in her arms. She tighten her hold on Sophie before thinking about the previous night.


Sian flipped over and pushed Sophie onto the bed, straddling her. She took a few minutes to take Sophie’s beauty in. She couldn’t believe someone could be as beautiful as the brunette was. She leaned in, kissed her girlfriend with so much passion she surprised herself. She was craving for Sophie’s touch and kisses, she wanted to feel beautiful. She wanted Sophie to make her feel beautiful. Their hands started roaming over each other’s bodies softly and gently. The blonde was extremely nervous, she was still a virgin and before tonight, she had never kissed anyone before so this was still all new to her. She knew deep down Sophie wanted this so she was going to give it to her, no matter what.

“You ok babe?”

Sian’s head snapped up so she could meet her girlfriend’s beautiful yet worried eyes. She didn’t want to lie to Sophie but she didn’t want to disappoint her either.

“Yeh…why wouldn’t I be?” Sian whispered trying to hide her nervousness but it didn’t go as planned.
Sophie brought her hand to Sian’s cheek and gently stroke it with her thumb looking deeply into her girlfriend’s eyes.

“Baby, tell me. You know I won’t judge. You can trust me beautiful.”

“I’m nervous and I’m scared”
The blonde whispered vulnerably.

Hearing those words was a sort of a wakeup call for Sophie. She hadn’t realized that it was all new to Sian. She immediately cupped her girlfriend’s face and pressed the softest kiss ever on her lips.
“Baby, I am so sorry. I never took the time to ask you how you were feeling about all this. Is it too soon? Are you ok with this? Do you need time? Am I pressuring you?” The brunette frantically asked.

Sophie’s mini rant made the blonde giggle. Sian thought Sophie was so cute because it showed she truly cared about her.

“Breathe babe. One question at a time, it’s a bit too soon for me and I am well and truly nervous about it because…” the blonde suddenly felt self-conscious because she had never opened up like that to anyone before.


It’s embarrassing…”
“Babe, you can tell me anything. I won’t ever judge you, I promise."
By now, the girls were both sat up in bed with a blanket covering their exposed bodies.

The blonde sighed while she nervously played with her fingers. Sophie noticed how nervous her girlfriend was so she took the blonde’s hand in hers and intertwined their fingers, letting her know she was there for her no matter what.

“I’ve never told anyone before so please listen to what I have to say before saying anything.” Sophie nodded, accepting her girlfriend’s request.

“No one knows I’m gay, not even my dad. I had never kissed anyone until you, I have never had sex before and I am self-conscious about my body. I know it didn’t show earlier but I was dead nervous when I stripped. I know you want this so I want to give it to you no matter how I feel” The blonde couldn’t help but shed a few tears after her confession.

Sophie reached out to wipe the blonde’s tears before wrapping her arms tightly around the girl’s body. She knew Sian needed her more than she could even express.

“shhh baby, I am right here.”
Sophie soothed. “I am truly sorry if you felt pressured. I never meant to make you feel like that. Sex is not the most important thing in the world, we got caught up in the heat of the moment and I should’ve stopped it before. I don’t care if no one knows about your sexuality, I don’t care if I am the first person you’ve kissed and I don’t care if you’re still a virgin. I like you for who you are. I don’t care about what other people think of you, i like your personality and I think you are extremely beautiful.”
“You sure?”
was all the blonde managed to croak out.

“Sure of?”


“Of course I’m sure babe!”
the brunette exclaimed.

“It’s just it’s the first time someone actually looks at me with something other than hate and disappointment in their eyes. I don’t want to ruin that, to ruin us so soon. I want to make this right, I want to get to know you better and I want you to get to know me better…please” Sian was practically begging the brunette with her eyes.
“Anything for you pretty face”

End of flashback

Sian was brought back from her thoughts by Sophie who stirred in her sleep. She felt her girlfriend’s hold tighten around her waist and then she noticed those beautiful baby blue eyes looking right back at her.
“Morning pretty angel” Sian softly said

“Morning baby”

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“me? I should be asking you that babe! I’m doing great, I woke up in my girlfriend’s arms. How are you? Are you ok with what happened last night? You opening up to me I mean…”
Sophie asked.

The blonde smiled sweetly at her girlfriend before dropping a loving kiss on Sophie’s nose.

“I am great babe. I mean, I finally trust someone enough to let them in. babe…can I ask you something though?”

to say Sophie was nervous was an understatement. She wondered what Sian was going to ask her.

“Does that mean…we’re an “it”? like there’s an “us”?”

“Yes, baby. We are a couple.”
Sophie beamed.

“I’m so happy right now, you have no idea” The blonde squealed.

“If you’re ready, we’ll go back to school as a couple and I can tell you this, I won’t let anyone hurt nor diss my baby. I’ll be with you every second of the day not only to protect you or defend you but because I want to be with you” Sophie really liked Sian and she wanted to be everything the blonde ever needed.

“With you by my side, I can face the entire world” Sian whispered before gently kissing Sophie’s lips.
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Morning Star

Dedicated to: My one and only. I love you so much babycakes, it’s you and me forever<3
Description: this is different kinda fic, basically Sophie is from Canada and Sian is from Padstow, England. Sophie went to England for a couple of years and she met Sian, they fell in love and unfortunately Sophie had to come back to Canada. It’s got a bit of "Dear John" in it only because this will be one of many letters she wrote to Sian.


Dear honeybear,

I miss you. I know I write it in every single letter I send but it’s true, I really do miss you baby. I don’t feel complete when you’re not around; it’s as if I can’t even function without you. It’s been 4months, 7 days and4hours that I’ve last seen you, that I’ve last hugged you, kissed you. I honestly never thought I could love someone as much as I love you and I know I keep saying those words but I mean them like you have no idea. You know I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone while I was in England, I was only going for work but everything changed during that week. You know the story, I got a week off because I put everything I had into work and my boss thought it would be a good idea if I took a week off and just go spend time away from London. He suggested I spend the week in Padstow, saying that it was a quiet yet wonderful fisherman’s town. You know me, I was bitching and complaining at first because it was far and I didn’t want to drive for five hours but anyways, I finally shut up and drove haha. I got there and on the first night, I walked into your workplace and I gotta admit, I never saw it coming. I never thought love at first sight was possible, I never believed in fairy tales but then I saw you. Beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, a smile to die for…that’s all it took for me to fall for you. I remember spending that evening just staring at you, thinking about how good it would feel to know you were mine. I came back the next day and I guess you had noticed me staring the night before because you were being so cocky that night saying stuff like "wipe your mouth, you’re drooling" or "I know I’m hot but no need to drool" and you’d just walk away with that flirty grin on your face. God, I was so hooked and I really wanted to ask you out for a drink well not really a drink cos I don’t drink, but I wanted to ask you out for dinner but I chickened out cos I’m a wuss (don’t laugh !). I remember leaving that night disappointed in me cos I didn’t have enough courage to ask you out for dinner. I spent that night just thinking about your soft yet very sexy voice, your baby blue eyes and that smile, god that smile made my heart melt. Anyway, you know our story, the next day I asked you for a meal and you agreed and we just kicked off. We’ve been together ever since and to be honest, no matter what has happened in the past and no matter how far we are from each other right now, I wouldn’t change a thing about us. We had our ups and downs like any couple but what we have is special. I think we were meant to be because I wasn’t meant to go to London for my job, I had turned the job down but at the last minute, I decided to go. It was most probably the best decision of my life because I met you. I met the girl of my dreams, the woman that makes me laugh just by talking about hotdogs and hotdog buns hahahaha! Gosh, I’ll never forget that nor "scoobydoobydoooooooooooooooooooooooooo" hahaha god those are the best memories I think. I love that I can be myself around you, that I can joke around and make you laugh. I love how you know me so well, how I can’t even keep anything from you because you know me so well. I love how I can tell you anything without being afraid you might judge me. You believe in me like no one else does. You make me feel beautiful, you give me enough strength to wake up in the morning. I wouldn’t be who I am now if it weren’t for you. You make all my dreams come true without even trying. I remember the first time you said you loved me, I swear to god, that day was the most amazing day of my life. I remember our first kiss. I remember everything about us. I hate that we are so far apart right now but I swear, I will bring you home soon. I will come get you and bring you home, in my arms, where you belong. We already have our house here, we’re going to get our dogs and we already have their names, remember? Either Sugar and Killer or Charley and Max! hahaa:) We’re going to raise our kids, I mean we have everything planned baby, our future is planned and it’s perfect. All that’s missing is you coming home and I will come get you. I have no clue how I even lived 21 years without you, I mean now that I have you I can’t even picture myself without you. I’m well and truly addicted to you, to us. I love how I send you a message every night before I go to bed and how I get your message when I wake up every day. I love the fact that we call each other every morning, during every break I have at work and when I get back from work. Our life together means everything to me, I mean you know I am good with words but even the most beautiful words in the world could never describe the love I have for you. I get weak in the knees when I hear your voice, my heart skips a beat when I see your name pop up on my phone and I am always speechless whenever you say "I love you babykins". Every morning, I wake up with our song, every morning I wake up to these words "You’re my morning star, you’re the one that I love. Shine so far, the one that I’m waiting for". Do you know how amazing it is to wake up every morning knowing that te girl of my dreams is mine? To know that I am the only one that gets to hear "I love you" coming from your mouth? It is the most amazing feeling in the world. You make me feel like the luckiest girl alive and I have to say that no matter how bad we argue sometimes, nothing will ever make me leave. I love you way too much to walk away from you. I promised you forever and in my book, forever has no end. People may think we’re crazy to think we’ll make it through the distance but I know for a fact that we will. My heart has been yours every since my eyes met yours. Nothing will ever make me love you less. It’s unbelievable just how much I am in love with you. I guess my letter today is a tad long but I know you love them. I best go to bed because the sooner I go, the sooner I get the chance to call you tomorrow morning. I miss you so damn much baby, but I promise we will be together soon, I'll do whatever it takes to have you by my side as quickly as possible.

I love you so much babycakes, you’re my life<3

Yours truly,

Your little angel that’s crazy about you.



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You steal my heart and you take my breath away

Would I be out of line if I said I miss you?


Dedicated to: Mayhemzy cos she’s the one I text at fucking 3 am just cos I need to rant about someone. She’s my go to person and most of all…she’s an hilarious bitch J
Subject: Sophie and Sian have broken up a few months ago but are still the best of friends.
Writer’s note: This fic is really important to me, it’s really personal and I needed to write it. Why? Cos sometimes you need to write stuff to get over it or to realise some stuff.


“Do you mind if Joe comes tonight?”  Sian asked the brunette who was lying on her bed.

“Errr…it’s alright..” Sophie lied. She really didn’t like Sian’s boyfriend, Joe.

Sian wasn’t stupid, she knew Sophie wasn’t a fan but she also knew that her ex would tell her if she wanted them to be alone.

I’m sorry, I should’ve told you sooner..”

“Don’t. It’s fine. Just promise me I won’t be the third wheel.” The brunette was practically begging the blonde to promise her.

I promise.”

“Right, I should go attack the popcorn machine and get cracking before he gets here”

Sophie never ever called Joe by his name; she always referred to Sian’s boyfriend as he or him. Why? Because saying his name burned her tongue like a flame would. She never liked him but she knew she couldn’t tell Sian what to do. They were exes after all, right?



“Just don’t make that much of a mess this time yeh?” Sian giggled remembering the night they had spent 3hours cleaning after that stupid old popcorn machine.

Oy! You got nerve you bitch! That machine is evil, I’m telling you!” Sophie defended herself as she tried not to giggle along with the blonde.

I remember, but we can’t get rid of it!”

“Why’s that?”

Cos it makes the best popcorn you goon! What do you think? You’re the one that keeps saying it!” Sian laughed.

Oh fuck me I’m famous!” Sophie sighed before leaving her ex’s room. She always said those words whenever Sian was right and she wasn’t. Sian used to do it and even though they had broken up it was a habit Sophie still had.

You don’t need to be famous for me to do that” The blonde whispered thinking Sophie hadn’t heard her.

The brunette smirked at she heard her ex’s words. “Good to know” She thought to herself.

It’s between you and me now oldie” Sophie mumbled as she struggled to take the old popcorn machine out of the cupboard.

After taking the machine out, Sophie gathered all the ingredients she needed for the best popcorn ever. Popcorn seeds? Check. Butter? Check. Salt? Check. Huge pink bowl? Check. It’s was a tradition the girls had, their popcorn always had to be in Sian's favourite bowl.

Sian was leaning against the door frame watching Sophie talking to the popcorn machine. The blonde was clearly amused by what she saw.

Need help babe?” The blonde giggled not realizing she had just called Sophie “babe”.

Me? Never. Little Greta here likes talking to me!”

“Greta? Who the fuck is Greta?”  Sian burst out laughing.

Greta is our popcorn marker you goon!” Sophie was trying o hard to keep a straight face, she thought she was so funny and by the looks on Sian’s face, she was right.

You are one of a kind”

“I’ve never heard you complain before” Sophie flirtatiously said.

I still ain’t complaining babe” The way Sian would always wink at Sophie always made the brunette’s heart melt.

Knowing that Sian was probably just playing, Sophie decided to change the subject. “You should go get your Dora blankie before the movie starts because I know you’re going to beg me to go get it and there is no way I’m missing one tiny little scene from that movie”

“what? I would NEVER do that” Sian tried convincing her ex.

Who is it you’re trying to fool here? Cos I know you Sian. I mean I’ve dated you for eighteen months, 3 weeks and..”

“and 6 days. I know Soph. I could never forget” The blonde finished Sophie’s sentence.

A comfortable silence fell between the girls. They couldn’t stop staring at one another with a true smile on their faces. Sian decided she better get her blankie before Joe knocked on her front door.

Right, so I’ll go get my blankie. Do you want kookamunga?”

How do you know I have it with me?”

“Cos you never go anywhere without him.” Sian simply stated. Kookamunga was a little stuffed koala bear that Sian had given Sophie for her 20th birthday. Koala bears had always been Sophie’s favourite animal and wherever she went; Sophie would always bring Kookamunga because it meant she had a bit of Sian with her.

Yes, please I think he’s under your blankie.”With that the blonde went to her room to retrieve the stuffed animal and the blanket.

Sophie heard the doorbell just as she was about to join Sian in the room. She decided to go open the door because Sian wasn’t coming out of her room She didn’t hear it I guess. The brunette thought to herself as she opened the front door.

Oh you.”

“Errr Hi to you too Joe.” Sophie spoke as coldly as the guy had.

Whatever. Where is she?” The jerk asked.

SIAN is in her room. She will be out in a minute, you can wait on the couch” Sophie made sure she had emphasized the word Sian just to piss him off even more.

No. I’ll go join her..don’t wait up” He winked before going to the blonde’s room.

Sian had heard the entire conversation and she couldn’t believe how rude and embarrassing her boyfriend was.

Er no. You’re not joining me. Who the fuck do you think you are talking to Sophie like that? She said I would be out in a minute which means DO NOT come join me.”

Sophie smirked to herself when she saw how pissed off Sian was. She knew the blonde more than anyone else did and she knew that whatever the boyfriend would say, he would make it worse for himself.

you don’t mean that baby” The word baby made Sophie sick to her stomach. No one was ever allowed to call her baby except for me. She thought to herself as she heard the blonde speak.

I told you before. DON’T call me baby. Only one person is allowed to call me like that and that person ain’t you.”

The girls glanced at one another briefly before grabbing the missing items for their fun evening ahead.

Anyway, what are we watching?”  Joe asked settling down on the couch.

The blindside” the girls answered in unison.


“Yes. If you have a problem you know where the fucking door is.” Sophie spat.

Sian always liked this bitchy side Sophie had. She was so feisty and so hot whenever she was bitchy that it made her heart skip a bit.

Oh shut..”

“JOE. If you say one more word, I’ll be the one fucking kicking you out. Not Sophie.” Sian cut him off.

The brunette giggled to herself. “Ready for the movie?”

“Sure am!” Sian said enthusiastically.

Sophie pressed play and the movie started. She was expecting the blonde to snuggle up to her boyfriend but to her surprise, she saw Sian lean in and settle against her.   The blonde’s head was Sophie’s shoulder and Sian was holding onto her ex’s arm while she placed her legs on her current boyfriend’s lap.

You never change do you?” Sophie chuckled.

What are you talking about? She never does this when we watch movies.” Joe said.

Clearly you don’t know her…” Sophie whispered loud enough for Sian to hear but low enough for Joe to miss it.

What was that?”

“Drop it Joe. Shut your mouth and watch the movie.” Sian ordered.

Joe was fuming inside; he couldn’t believe that once again Sophie had the upper hand. He couldn’t believe that Sian always picked Sophie over him. He didn’t know how to deal with it  so he did what he does best, kept it inside and then make the blonde pay.

After a while, Sophie had to go to the washroom. “I’ll be back”

“oka, hurry up” Sian softly said. She was already missing Sophie and she hadn’t even been gone more than 30 seconds.

When Sophie came back into the room, she felt sick to her stomach. Joe was all over Sian, shoving his tongue down her throat.  The brunette was furious, she couldn’t believe Sian was doing that to her. “She promised. I can’t believe this…” She thought to herself.

She stormed into Sian’s room and packed her stuff as quickly as she could. She wanted to leave, she couldn’t stay there and feel like shit because her ex had broken her promise. After shoving everything in her bag, she went straight for the door and noticed that the blonde still hadn’t parted her lips from the jerk.

She’s gone too far.” Was the only thought that went through the brunette’s mind as she slammed the front door of the dorm.

The sound of the door being slammed caused Sian to jump.


Don’t you dare go after her.” Joe warned angrily.

I’d rather die than be without her” Those were the last words Sian spoke before running after Sophie.

The brunette was running down the staircase and she knew the blonde was afraid her cos she could hear her call after her.


She kept going. She knew that if she let the blonde explain herself, she would go back without even thinking about it twice.


Sophie couldn’t take it anymore.


Sian was taking by surprise by the venom in Sophie’s voice. “I’ve really done it this time..” The blonde thought to herself.


Sian decided that she had to go after Sophie no matter what. She couldn’t lose her, not again.

As soon as Sophie stepped out of the building, she noticed that the weather had changed suddenly. It went from a very sunny day to a massive storm. The wind was blowing and the rain was coming down like there was no tomorrow.

GREAT! THIS IS JUST FUCKING GREAT!” Sophie shouted towards the sky.

By the time she reached her car, she was soaked to the bone. She threw her bag in the trunk and turned to meet those beautiful eyes she could never resist. She was won over again. Sian had won her heart all over again just by looking at her with those beautiful but sad eyes.

Soph…please let me explain. I’m begging you”


“Sophie. Just give me a chance to explain and then you can do whatever you want”

That was a deal Sophie could agree on because it gave her the chance to run if she wanted but it also made Sian happy because she had the opportunity to explain herself.


Sian smiled. She knew she had to make this good because deep down she knew it was her last chance to make it right with Sophie.

I know what it looked like but you got it all wrong babe…”

“Sian. Don’t “babe” me” Sophie interjected.

I’ve always called you babe or baby and it’s not going to change now. But that’s not the point. The point is that JOE came onto me. He was pissed cos I always choose you over him and he doesn’t know why. So he thought he’d take advantage of you being away to seduce me into sleeping with him. I didn’t want to but he was forcing himself on me. I was trying to push him off. The only way I managed to do that was by telling him that I’d rather die than be without you.”

Sophie was shocked. She was glued on her spot and she didn’t know what to do or say.

I never should’ve let you go. I should’ve kept you by my side. I never thought we’d be as close when things got sour with us. I should’ve fought for us and I didn’t and I’m truly sorry for that. But I am here now. And I want you back.” There was no turning back anymore for Sian. She had spent the last 6-7 months trying to convince herself that she didn’t love Sophie anymore but she finally admitted to herself and to Sophie, she wasn’t over her and she never would be.

What?” Was all Sophie managed to say.

I want you back. I still love you Sophie. There you go, I said it.”

“Wow…I…I just…I never stopped loving you Sian..”

“Would I be out of line if I said I miss you?” Sian said in a singsong voice.

Would I be out of line if I said I miss you too?” Sophie replied. Those lines were part of one of their songs. One song they kept on listening over and over again after their first and only fight ever.

Give me one last chance please. I promise I’ll always make you happy and I’ll always love you.”  The sincerity in Sian’s voice was heart-warming. It was all Sophie ever wanted to hear.

You know I’ll always give you as many chances as you want babe. I love you too much to even think about being without you”

Would you mind kissing me now?” The blonde bit her lip in hopes of making Sophie weak in the knees.

How could I refuse such an offer?” Sophie whispered before leaning in and kissing the love of her life.

After pulling away, Sian knew she had more to say to Sophie.

I’m sorry about you know..?”

“Sian. Don’t say the word. Please. It’s in the past and that’s where it’s going to stay.” Sophie didn’t want to think about the reason they had broken up in the first place. She didn’t want to be reminded that her girlfriend cheated on her with her best friend. She was over that, she had forgiven the blonde about two months after their breakup.

I know but I am truly sorry. For everything. The nasty messages, THAT thing I won’t mention, and all the times I’ve made us both cry.” The sincerity in Sian’s voice was overwhelming. Sophie knew she genuinely meant her apology.

 I forgave you the day I laid my eyes on you again two months after our breakup. One look your way and I had fallen in love all over again. I forgave you in that instant and I promised myself that day that I would always forgive you no matter what.”

Sian’s heart was racing. Sophie goes and says something like that just when the blonde thought it was impossible for her to fall even more in love with the brunette.

I don’t know what to say other than.. I love you so much”

“That’s all I need you to say Sian”

Sian did exactly what Sophie asked. “I love you so so so so much Sophie. Forever, I promise”

“I’ll love you forever and a day”

“I’ll hold you to that promise” Sian whispered as she got closer to the brunettes lips.

It’s a promise I intend to keep” Sophie breathed before closing the gap between their lips.



I can't go on not loving you...

I can't go on not loving you

Dedicated to: Mayhemzy just cos she's updated lots lately and I haven't and cos she's always there when I need someone :) I may not say it often by thanks hoebag <3
Subject: Sophie and Sian talk about their future together.
Writer's note: Do you remember we were sitting there by the water,you put your arm around me for the first time{..}You are the best thing that's ever been mine.



“mmmh?” Sian was laying half on top of Sophie with her face nestled in her girlfriend’s chest.

“What you thinking about?” Sophie was curious as to what the blonde was thinking about because they had been silent for a while.


Sophie smiled at the sweet and honest response she had received. She always liked it whenever Sian was being sweet and adorable. It always made her heart beat that much faster.

“Be serious Sian”

“I am being serious Soph. You know I always have you on my mind so of course I’m going to say you whenever you ask me what I’m thinking about” Sian’s words were soft and her smile was to die for. Everything she knew would make Sophie’s heart melt even more.

“I like the sound of that” The brunette smiled. “But what you thinking about specifically?”

Sian was subconsciously playing with Sophie’s fingers thinking about how to put her thoughts into words. She knew Sophie was waiting for a reply but she also knew the brunette would patiently wait for her to answer the question. Sophie knew Sian like no one else did and she was the only one who noticed how Sian got whenever she was lost in her thoughts. The blonde would always play with fingers, either her own or Sophie’s, whenever she was thinking about something important.

 “Take your time baby” Sophie softly said kissing her girl’s head.

“Do you want kids?”


“Do you want kids?” Sian repeated.

“Where did that come from Sian?” To say Sophie was gobsmacked was an understatement.

Answer the question babe” Sian’s voice wasn’t harsh at all. It was still soft and she knew that the question had shocked the brunette.

Sophie took a few moments to regain her composure and finally answered her girlfriend’s question.

Yes. I do want kids, why?”

“Just wondering…”

“Sian…” Sophie knew there was more to it. Sian had asked her that question for a reason and she wasn’t going to let go until she got to the bottom of it.

Do you want kids with me?” The questions Sian came up with kept taking Sophie by surprise.

Yes babe. I want kids with you, I want to marry you. You know I want a future with you. What’s with all these questions baby?” Sian lifted her head up and saw just how much Sophie meant every word.

You asked me what I was thinking about and that’s it. I’m thinking about us, about our future, about the family I want with you.”

The brunette never thought it was possible to fall even more in love with Sian but in that moment, she realized how wrong she was to think that. She smiled before leaning in and kissing those soft lips that were calling for her.

How many?” Sophie asked.

How many what?”

“How many kids do you want “

“Oh…well I want two kids. One boy and one girl would be great.” The blonde smiled.

I want a boy and a girl as well but I am NOT giving birth!” The brunette exclaimed causing them to laugh.

“Oh come on babe! Please?” Sian begged.

Nooooo! Why are you even begging?”

“The things I’d give for our baby girl to be as beautiful as you…” In Sian’s eyes ,Sophie was the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth.

She’d be beautiful cos she’s our baby girl but I’d much rather look at her and see you instead of me”

You’re way too sweet baby” Sian smiled before leaning up and kissing her girlfriend’s lips.

You bring out the best in me”

“Let’s adopt” Sian stated out of nowhere.

Deal. Who comes first?” Sophie asked knowing that Sian had it all figured out.

Shayden. “

“Who?” Sophie was confused. “Who’s Shayden?”

“Our future son” Sian was starting to get nervous. She didn’t know if Sophie would approve of the name or not.

“I like that name” Sophie smiled. “You want him to be first because you want him to protect his little sister…am I right?”

Sian was still amazed at how much Sophie knew her, how Sophie could always read her mind.

I want JulieAnne to have a brother she can count on, I want her to be able to go up to Shayden whenever she needs a shoulder to lean on. I want Shayden to protect her with his life. “

Sophie wasn’t even shocked at Sian’s admission. She always knew the blonde was very protective and she liked that about her. In fact, she loved that about the blonde.

JulieAnne being our little girl, right?” To say that Sophie loved the names was an understatement. She adored them because they were so unique and when she thought about it, it just fit. Shayden Powers and JulieAnne Powers. I like. She thought to herself.

We’ll have a dog and a big house with enough room for the kids to run around with Whiskey.” Sian wanted to let Sophie in her little world, she wanted the brunette to know how she pictured her future, their future together.

Whiskey being the dog right?” Sophie smiled at how cute Sian was whenever she spoke about their future together.

Sian nodded. She knew the brunette understood her completely and she knew they wanted the same thing.

I want it to happen so bad…”

“I’ll make it happen Sian. I promise I will make everything come true. The kids, the house, the dog but most of all…our future together” Sophie promised the blonde.

I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will love you tomorrow until the day I die.” Sian had never felt so in love in her life, she had never experienced anything as perfect as her life was with Sophie.

I could spend forever telling you how much I actually am in love with you but you must know that forever would never be long enough to explain the intensity of it all. I love you Sian.”

The girls just stared at one another for a moment to take everything in before sealing their heart to heart conversation with a kiss filled with all the love and passion they felt.

**True Story**

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I wanna die lying in your arms..

Suddenly I’m melting into you




Dedicated to: Mayhemzy; I don’t even need a reason as to why I dedicate them to her anymore because she’s always ALMOST begging for my updates so might as well dedicate them all to her huh?haha u know ur my fave bitch! J && to Jennac18 cause she’s amazing J

Subject: Sophie’s 20th birthday.

Writer’s note: I know I should update “Feels like I don’t belong here” but I felt like writing a one shot, a true story tbh. If you want less one shots and more updates on the other fic, just ask!




“Thank you so much momma” Sophie said as she kissed her mom’s cheeks.


Sophie had just turned 20 years old and her mother had arranged a surprise “party” with her family. Sophie’s grandparents, aunt and uncle along with her cousin and her mom and her brother were there but that wasn’t why she was so happy. The fact that Sian was able to make it was what made Sophie’s day. The brunette had no clue her mother was planned all that behind her back, she was quite impressed.


No need to thank me pumpkin, I mean it’s not everyday that your baby turns 20”


Oh no! Don’t go all soppy mommy on me!”  All the family members laughed at Sophie’s comment.


Come on babe, your grandparents are waiting in the car” Sian’s voice had always been Sophie’s favourite sound.


Right” She smiled “I’ll see you tomorrow mom, thanks again”


The girls were going downtown with Sophie’s grandparents. They had offered to bring them into town so she and Sian could spend some time together without having everyone around them. They had also offered the girls to bring them out for breakfast the next day. Sophie and Sian had agreed to sleep at Sophie’s grandparents for the night.


The drive into town was done in complete silence apart from Sophie and Sian’s occasional whispers.  No one knew about the girl’s relationship, they all thought they were best friends and nothing more. Neither one of the girls were bothered by it though, they liked being able to cherish their relationship without having people being nosey about it.

“What are you going to do in town?” Sophie’s grandmother asked.


Probably just go for a walk” Came Sian’s reply.


Do you want us to come with you?”


“Er.... No it’s fine grandma! You go with grandpa and we’ll go on our own” Sophie didn’t want her grandmother chaperoning them all night long. She wanted to be alone with her girlfriend.


I’m sure it wouldn’t bother your grandfather if we tagged along” Sophie’s grandmother was known for being a nosey woman.


Honey, they said they want to be alone. Don’t push ok?” Sophie’s grandfather had always been a quiet man, he never spoke much but when he did he knew how to make people listen to what he was saying.




“No Buts. They’re going on their own, end of. “The old man said in a very polite yet firm way.


Sophie’s grandmother kept her mouth shut while the girls were giggling in the back of the car. They always loved how Sophie’s grandparents would act around them, her grandmother being the nosey woman she is and her grandfather being the quiet protective man he was.


When they finally arrived in town, Sophie’s granddad parked the car and helped them out.


Let’s meet here in about that enough for you?” He asked as he helped them both out of the vehicle.


Yeah, thanks grandpops” Sophie kissed him on the cheek before skipping away with Sian.


When the girls were out of sight they immediately took a hold of each others hands, happy to finally be able to act like a couple.  They were giggling, holding hands, stealing the odd kisses not caring about what the world might say. They were happy. They reached a few shops and started looking at the gorgeous handmade jewellery displayed in every shop.


In the 3rd shop they had entered, Sian spotted a gorgeous ring.  It was a very simple ring but yet very sophisticated. It was a silver ring with a flower on it, the flower was small but in the middle of it there was a pearl. Sian was in awe in front of the beautiful ring but she knew she couldn’t buy it because she had forgotten her wallet in the car.


Babes, can you go get me some paper towel, I have a rock in my shoe and I’m pretty sure I’m bleeding a bit” Sophie lied to the blonde. Sian was quick on her feet though, she darted straight towards the nearest bathroom oblivious to Sophie’s lame excuse to get her away for a few minutes.


Sophie had seen Sian stare at the ring and as soon as she saw her girlfriend’s eye shine she was hit by the best idea ever.


She quickly bought the ring and hid it in her pocket before Sian came running back.


“Here babe” Sian said breathlessly.


Oh thanks babe but I don’t need it after all”


“Ugh, that’s just great” Sian sighed as she took a hold of Sophie’s hand dragging her towards the water.


What are we doing?”


“I want to be in private with my girlfriend so I can have some little romance tonight” Sian smirked as they reached a bench in a secluded area of the harbour.


Sian…” Sophie whispered as she got down on one knee.


Soph..are you..” Sian was cut off by Sophie.


Let me finish or else I never will”




Sian, we’ve been together for a very long while and we both know we’ll always love each other. I know I want to be with you for the rest of my life and I think you do too. Actually no, I know you want that too. I love you Sian, I love you with all my heart and I’m giving you this ring as a promise ring. I promise to always love you and to always make you smile. I promise to always keep you safe.” Sophie took a deep breath before continuing “I promise you that we’ll be together forever and a day. Someday, I will ask you to marry me but until then…I’m giving you this promise ring”


Sian was speechless. She didn’t know what to say so she did was she does best whenever Sophie was being all romantic, she cried. The brunette noticed a smile appear on her girlfriend’s lips through her tears and slipped the ring on Sian’s finger.


I love you so much Soph”


“I love you too baby, forever”


The girls kissed and just like in the movies they heard fireworks. They thought it was all in their head but they soon realized that it wasn’t. They were lucky enough to watch some fireworks after such an amazing night together.


this is perfect. It’s such a perfect way to end my 20th birthday” Sophie whispered as she watched the fireworks.


You’re perfect” Sian said before kissing Sophie again.

*True story*

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I'll fight forever to keep you close..

You manage to disarm me




Dedication: Mayhemzy cause she made me promise to update something before she came back home so! J

Subject: Sophie and Sian are dating; they live 5hours away from one another. Sophie surprises Sian.

Writer’s note: So apparently “True Stories” are what you want, they seem to be what you prefer one-shot wise so I decided to, once again, write a one-shot based on a true story. Hope you enjoy! J



“No Sian. I’m not driving down this weekend, I already told you”


“But why?” Sian asked sadly.


Because Helen wants to see me” Sian never liked Helen. She thought the girl was after Sophie and she hated her for that.


Whatever. Spend the weekend with your fucking bitch” Sian spat before hanging up on Sophie.


“If only she knew…” Sophie thought to herself as she hung up the phone as well.




Friday morning.


Sophie was in her car stuck in traffic. She had her music on, the heating was on as well since it was winter and it was fucking freezing, she had her cup of hot chocolate and a few snacks as well. She was ready to face anything, even a couple of hours of intense traffic.


Sian is so worth it” She thought to herself as she realized she hadn’t moved an inch for the past 20 minutes.


The brunette had told her girlfriend that she wasn’t visiting her that weekend but in reality, it was a lie. She had wanted to surprise Sian for a while but whenever she tried, the clever blonde always figured it out. There was no way Sophie could keep something from Sian for so long so that’s why she decided to tell the blonde about her “fake plans” only the night before she was meant to go down to visit her.   It broke Sophie’s heart to hear the disappointment in Sian’s voice but she knew it was all worth it. The fact that it was worth it was what cheered Sophie up in the situation she was in.

The traffic was worse than she had ever experienced before. The weather wasn’t helping either. A blizzard alert had been issued for the area she was leaving and the area she was heading to. She was stuck in the middle of it, she could barely see the car in front of her due to the heavy winds and the heavy snow. Sophie kept reminding herself that it was worth it, Sian was always worth it.


“Only 200km left before I get to her” Sophie said to herself as she started moving along with the traffic.


She had tried ringing Sian but the blonde was too pissed at her girlfriend to answer. She didn’t even reply to the texts Sophie had sent her and the brunette knew there was no point in trying again, Sian was stubborn like that. She wouldn’t answer her phone until Sophie had properly apologized to her.


Time was passing by and Sophie was getting closer and closer to her destination, she was almost there. She only had another 15km to go until she finally entered Sian’s town. However, her first stop wasn’t going to be Sian’s house, she was heading straight to the flower shop to pick her girlfriend’s favourite flowers.


When she finally made it to the local flower shop, Sophie was greeted by the owner as usual.


Hello Mrs. Sophie”


“Oh, Hello Mr. Davidson” She smiled.


What can I get you today Mrs. Sophie?”  Mrs. Davidson had been the owner of the local shop for the past 46 years. The man was in his mid-seventies and loved flowers. He knew everything about them, it was quite impressive.


Same as usual please.” She sweetly smiled “How’s Mrs. Davidson doing?”


“A bouquet of white roses on the go for the lovely Mrs. Sian” He said in a singsong voice. “She’s doing great actually. She is almost done with her chemotherapy and then she will be back to normal”


Mrs Davidson had been diagnosed with breast cancer early that year and luckily for her the doctors discovered it in its early stage which meant she had more chance of surviving than any other women out there.


That’s great news Mr. Davidson!” Sophie was genuinely happy for the elderly couple.


Would you and Mrs. Sian like to come over for dinner tomorrow night? My wife is coming home for the weekend and I know she would really like to see you” Sophie and Sian were like their grandkids.  Mr and Mrs. Davidson always invited them over for dinner. The couple had known Sian since she was a toddler, the blonde’s grandparents used to be friends with the Davidson until her grandfather passed away. Sian had always kept in touch with them.


We will be there Mr. Davidson.”  She softly said “Thank you for the invitation”


“Here you go Mrs. Sophie and you know you and Mrs. Sian are always welcomed in our house” He smiled as he handed her the bouquet. “ It’s free for you because you are such a great customer”


“Thank you Mr. Davidson, I will see you tomorrow” Sophie kissed him on the cheek before heading back to her car.




*Knock knock*


Sophie was patiently waiting for Sian to open the door, she knew it would take the blonde a few moments to come open it because she was just that lazy. However, when the door opened Sophie wasn’t prepared for what was coming.


Get Lost Sophie.”


“What? Sian? NO!” Sophie quickly said afraid that Sian might close the door.


Aren’t you supposed to be with the whore?” Sian spitefully said.


Err..NO.” Sophie took a deep breath to try and control herself before adding “I never had any plans with her, I wanted to surprise you”


“What? But you said..”


“I know what I said baby but it was just a cover up.”  Sian’s lips were slowly curling into a smile “Plus, Helen is just a friend you know that. She’s got nothing on you and you know she’s definitely NOT my type”


Sian was shocked. She couldn’t believe Sophie had driven down in a flaming blizzard just to surprise her. It was the most romantic thing Sophie had done according to Sian.


When did you leave?” Was all the blonde could come up with.


Errr…” Sophie looked down at her watch “About 8 hours ago”


“You drove for 8 hours just to see me?”


No. I drove down for 8 hours to get you these” She handed Sian the bouquet of flowers making the blonde grin. “And to do this”


Sophie leaned in and captured Sian’s lips in a soft loving lingering kiss.


I love you Sian


“I love you too baby”

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